Make your autumn dishes more delicious with our Chutneys and Tapenades!

Autumn is the perfect season for a delicious stew, mashed potato dish or casserole. These autumn dishes appear on the table quickly after the fall of the first leaves. With the Chutneys and Tapenades from King Cuisine you can make your mashed potato dish and casserole even tastier!

kingcuisine-stamppot-herfst The classic mashed potato dishes are made with endive or kale. A mashed potato dish with a twist can be made with leeks, apple and walnuts and you can add our Chutney Tomato to it. The Chutney Figo adds a nice flavor to ‘hot lightning”(a dish made with mashed potatoes and apples).

Or you can also make a casserole dish with minced meat, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes and our delicious Forest Mushrooms Tapenade. Simple and delicious to enjoy with the whole family!