Sfeerfoto van Rode Wijn kaneel saus van King Cuisine - Cooking product

King Cuisine’s delicious, special sauces

Also this winter we have delicious, special sauces that are suitable both for meat and wild meat, but can be used also very well for desserts.

Honey Cranberry sauce – A sauce of honey and cranberries with port wine.
Tastes excellent with wild meat such as duck but is also perfect for a delicious dessert, like mascarpone mixed with whipped cream with the sauce as a topping. It can also be served hot with pancakes.

Red Wine Cinnamon sauce – A red wine sauce with dried apples, raisins and a hint of cinnamon. Serve with red meat such as beef or deer. Try it also as a dessert with baked apple and mascarpone or with warm stewed pears.

Orange Caramel sauce – A powerful and spicy sauce with orange, mango, caramel and triple sec.
Combine our new orange caramel sauce with duck for the classic Canard à l’orange or as a dessert with panna cotta and banana.