100-jobsman came to “cook Mediterranean” at King Cuisine

Last Monday 100-jobsman Pierre Spierings has worked for King Cuisine again. This time not as our standbuilder, but he worked a day at our company. Here you can read his column that he wrote for his project.

100-banenman Pierre Spierings werkt een dag mee bij King Cuisine voor het goede doel.

Dayjob 55: I was expecting to work a day at a small specialty kitchen and to cook Mediterranean food at King Cuisine. To my surprise, the company at the Jules Verneweg in Tilburg has an entire factory where more than one hundred twenty employees make a range of Mediterranean products. The range includes olives in all shapes and flavours, hummus and dips, appetizers, toppings and “kitchen tools” like pesto’s and chutneys. I get special work clothes, work boots and a hairnet, because hygiene is the most important thing at King Cuisine. After an extensive tour with ditto explanation by the production manager I am transferred to a department manager and stationed at one of the dozens of product lines. Thousands of plastic trays are filled there with a Japanese woksauce which hurtling in at breakneck speed towards the packaging line. The tray gets a cardboard sleeve and is automatically provided with a best before date and then packed with five others in a box. With four colleagues I’m busy with this for the whole morning. Within a few days this Japanese wok sauce will give thousands of Belgian cuisines flavour to dinner, because the order is for a large Belgian supermarket chain. After lunch, the whole process repeats itself in another hall with filling trays of chilled marinated olives and I fill with a machine thousands of sweet peppers with fresh herb cream cheese. My day of “Mediterranean cooking” has flown.


Are you curious about the jobs that he performs? Visit his website http://www.100xhonderd.nl/ to follow his unique project for charity. Click here to read the newsarticle about how Pierre has helped with building our exhibition stand at the PLMA exhibition.


Source: www.100xhonderd.nl